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There are many features in Windows 7 which are still not known to many users, which is inclusive of keyboard shortcut keys, secret tricks and other remaining features which users never knew. To know advanced features of your OS/Windows our team Windows Tech Support will assist you to give instructions for windows. There are some features which have been implemented lately. Below mentioned few little-known windows features which can help to boost your work productivity:

Open Your OS/Windows:

See taskbar where one can hover over the application icons and also see the small graphic thumbnail of program window convenient enhanced taskbar where you can hover over application icons and see a small graphic thumbnail of the actual program window without opening it. Windows is used by everyone. It does enhance the speed of your work with which you can find the right program to open. The enhanced taskbar also includes some shortcut keys like:

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·         Press Shift key before clicking on any icon would open a new instance even if the existing application window ones are open.

·         Hold the Shift + Ctrl key executes the same process. However, it opens the administrator permissions.

·         Prior to clicking an icon if you hold the Ctrl key, it would open the window which was recently used in the group of open windows applications.

·         You have already known that you could maximize and minimize open window by sliding it over to the top of the screen and also can with Alt + Space + X, or even resizing it to fill half the desktop by sliding it to the side. The same thing also could be done using another shortcut key. Google gives all the solutions related to it.

·         In order to maximize/minimize window, you just hold the Windows Logo Key + UP arrow/ Down arrow.

·         And, In order to go to use other programs windows then press Windows Logo + RIGHT/LEFT.

Multiple Monitor Support Feature In Windows 8

Windows 8 has unique multiple monitor support feature. It enables the user to split the monitor screen between modern UI (User Interface) apps. Here, the user can customize the monitor differently. The user can also put different types of background. SO, choose desktop or start screen and taskbar. The user can also run two different programs at one time. Also, now it’s possible to run a slideshow over multiple screen windows.

Better Security in Windows 8

Our Technical Team feels that Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the most secure version of Windows OS (Operating System) available till yet. The Security Booting feature and foolproof scrutiny of application downloads ensure better security in your computer.

Contact To Windows Support Team

For getting to know more features of Windows OS, you can contact to our Windows Customer Support team anytime 24/7, 365 days via Live Chat, Phone, and Email. They will assist you with a respective solution. We also provide Windows License.